What are the characteristics of the plants shown in the catalogue? What is the availability?

The nursery tries to illustrate as clearly as possible what is published in the catalog and object of sale, specifying the height of the plants, diameter of the pot, diameter of the stem, characteristics and availability.
For plants in the pot diameter 5.50 cm. characteristics such as diameter and height are generally not indicated.
The published photo serves to the customer to get an idea of the plant, about shape, various characteristics and size, this also in relation to the diameter of the pot, always specified.
Plants such as Echinopsis, Lobivia and Trichocereus from flower could produce corollas with slightly different colors from those with which they are represented in the catalog photos: very bright colors, such as fuchsia, red, Orange are often captured with poor fidelity from the camera lens. Moreover, this genus of plants is subject to a certain variability, for which certain characteristics of the flower (nuances, shape of the petals, the same perfume) are more or less evident in some years than others. It goes without saying that size, intensity of colors and everything else depends very much on the conditions of cultivation and fertilization.
Notes on the item "Availability", when present: in the description, under this item, the number of available plants is indicated. Often the availability of the plants of the nursery is limited to a few specimens, since the customer-type of the nursery is the collector.
When, in the description, nothing has been specified about the availability, this must be assumed to be unlimited or, however, high.
The customer, in the description, for the most important plants, will find the words "Availability/ plants available: the plant for sale is exactly the one depicted/the plant offered is the pictured one": means that the buyer will receive exactly the plant described and represented in photo, without substitutions.

Plants represented in photos, in the catalog, provided with leaves and flowers could reach the customer without either, depending on the season.

Once the order has been paid for, when does the shipment take place? How long does a package take to deliver?

The shipment, compatibly with the commitments of the nursery, takes place as soon as the customer has paid the order: often the plants are shipped to the customer on the same day of payment.
The nursery, unless otherwise agreed with the customer, ships from Monday to Thursday, avoiding Friday, therefore unnecessary stocks in the warehouses of the forwarder. Regarding possible stocks, the courier guarantees the storage of goods in suitable environments, without extremes of heat or cold.

What are the data needed to register on the site? What will the nursery use my data?

The data will NOT be communicated to third-party companies and will NOT be used to send advertising or anything else, but are collected only and solely to manage the order and delivery. The telephone number is necessary because requested by the courier: in no way will the nursery try to contact customers through their telephone number if not strictly necessary. At any time the customer (owner of their data) may request that their data be deleted with a request to the address: nonsolocactus@gmail.com

What payment methods are available? When will I receive the payment details? How many days do I have to pay? How long do I keep the ordered goods?

The payment methods envisaged are:
Western Union
Wire transfer
Cash (only for on-site pickup)
The payment details are communicated by email, together with the order confirmation.
Unless otherwise agreed with the nursery, always possible, the customer has three days to pay.
Unpaid goods are reserved for two days, after which the order, unless otherwise agreed with the nursery, is considered null and void, without obligations by the nursery.

Who is the forwarder used by the nursery? Is the shipment traceable?

The nursery has agreements with SDA, for national shipments, and relies on the EMS service (through SDA) for international shipments. As for shipments with intra-EU destinations, the freight forwarder SDA has agreements with various national postal systems or with private forwarders.
The shipment is always traceable from the SDA tracking page, even for shipments delegated by SDA to other delivery systems (such as EMS or European postal systems or private couriers) at:


What should I do to order? After ordering, what should I do?

To make a purchase from the site you must register: registration is an easy and fast operation with which the customer communicates a few data, such as surname, name, address and only what is necessary to be able to process the order and deliver the goods. Nothing else.
Alternatively, customers can send an order email with their requests to: nonsolocactus@gmail.com
After sending the order through the online shop, the customer will receive an automatic confirmation of receipt (this simply serves to assure the customer that the order has been taken charge) since the actual confirmation of the order will be sent later, with the coordinates for payment, after the staff has checked the condition of the plants and the availability.
At this point, having the coordinates for the payment, the customer must pay within three days, beyond which (unless otherwise agreed) the order is considered null.

Does the nursery ship to Italy and abroad? What are the costs?

The nursery ships to Italy and all over the world, except for a few countries.
As for the costs, shipping in Italy costs, generally, €9.00, except for particularly bulky and/ or heavy packages for which there may be surcharges referred, However, the customer will be notified prior to payment and will be entitled to accept or not.
For overseas, costs vary by destination: you can estimate a minimum cost of €16.00 for intra-EU and UK countries. Particularly heavy and/or bulky packages may have a different cost.
Non-EU customers can request an estimate of shipping costs by sending an email to: nonsolocactus@gmail.com