Ther nursery is located in Casatenovo in the province of Lecco (not far from Monza), and extends over 3000 m2, of which over 500 are open to the sale.
The nursery was born in 1993 from the passion of Stefano Colombo for cacti and succulents: a family passion, given that for over one hundred years the family Colombo deals with landscaping and production of ornamental, seasonal and perennial plants.
In the greenhouse, to help you in your purchases, you will find Pietro, in addition to Stefano, the owner.
Many of the plants on sale are produced from seed in the greenhouses of the nursery.
Also available large specimens for the decoration of entrances, hotel halls, exhibition stands.

The nursery is also active in the creation of gardens with succulent rustic plants and landscape interventions in Mediterranean and non-Mediterranean climate areas.

Available compositions with succulent plants for the decoration of apartments, balconies, terraces and patios.
Nice preparations, also temporary, in private or commercial homes, stands and hotels.

Come and visit us in the nursery !!